Forex Trading Tutorial

Forex Trading Introduction

Most people who write a Forex trading tutorial have usually started with a lengthy description of the history of Forex and how big and popular it has become in modern times. Although this may be of some interest to you, for lets say reference purposes it does not help you at all in learning how to trade Forex successfully and so with that in mind I won’t be mentioning the history or size of the Forex market again.
The start point these days for Forex trading training is really to make a couple of key generalizations that wouldn’t have been made a few years ago and they are that invariably the person who is looking to trade Forex will be doing so from their home computer or laptop and that they can be from any demographic, walk of life and have anything from a basic understanding to no understanding whatsoever of trading on the markets.

Explanation About Currency Trading

So for a worthwhile currency trading tutorial there will be the initial explanation of the mechanics of Forex trading which will include all of the variations such as trading spot, forward and futures followed by how to navigate on the internet to find the broker, get an account set up, get comfortable with a trading platform and finally begin to trade.
An aspect that is often overlooked by tutorials is the differing emotional impact that Forex trading will have on individuals. The most important part of a Forex tutorial should actually find out and more importantly allow you to find out exactly why you wish to start trading in the first place. Trading small lots just for fun and amusement is very different to trying to make a living out of Forex trading as your main source of income and so the tutorials for these different goals should be tailored to suit.
Generally speaking  a tutorial should consist of the description of Forex trading and the different variations as previously mentioned and also the benefits and drawbacks of each variant so that you can choose the type of Forex that will compliment your personality and goals.
Secondly there needs to be a definition of a Forex quote or how the data is presented along with being able to understand the language that surrounds Forex. This should then lead into how you can benefit from this understanding and actually make a profit trading Forex as well as the risks that are involved. These risks should then be repeated as people should not be tempted into Forex trading if they cannot afford to lose the amount of money that they are trading with.

Forex Trading Methods

At this stage a tutorial should start to really open up into the methods that are used to trade Forex successfully and so a full description of both technical and fundamental analysis as well as the preferred sources of acquiring the information needed. Certain theories and indicators are usually included at this point and it is a matter of personal choice as to which tutorials will actually prove effective to you and your style of trading. This should be the real ‘unique selling point’ of any tutorial as this part is where a trader can be transformed from a losing or break even trader to a successful and profitable one.
The final parts should be concerned with the actual logistics of choosing the correct internet Forex broker, setting up an account, practicing what you have learn on a demo account and finally funding your trading account for live trading.
Also you should be looking for tutorials that mention the drawbacks that certain brokers may well use whilst handling your trades such as filling your position, entering and exiting trades with slippage etc just so you are prepared and can enter into Forex trading with your eyes fully open. With the increasing popularity of Forex trading there has been a matching increase in so called learning materials. Try and answer the first question posed to you here which is exactly why you are looking to start Forex trading.
After you have answered that then start tailoring your search to suitable tutorials and just keep in mind the general observations and suggestions made here to maximize the benefit out of any tutorial you decide to take.


Whatever type of Forex tutorial or learning course you decide to take it will involve some hard work, time and study to get to a level of trading that is more proactive than reactive and most people these days are looking for a quicker, easier option to take.
This is where Forex robots can play a vital role in your trading strategy. Forex robots are pieces of automated software that are programmed to trade Forex on your behalf. You have complete control over how much of the trading you want the robot to do for you, whether its a little, just like a safety net or whether it is 100% of your trading.
The advantages are clear, the robo can trade immediately with more knowledge than most professional traders, emotion cannot cloud sound analytical decisions and the robot never gets tired and is never distracted or too busy to trade.
So whilst you look into which training courses look good value for money, consider getting a Forex robot so that you can profit straight away whilst learning the ropes.

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